Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Disclosure Statement

Oh dear God, has it come to this?
I was perusing a favourite blog of mine recently by a fellow gen-Xer ( check it out, especially if you're in Australia and/or like reading the work of fellow genXalogists)* and I see that according to US law I am supposed to have a disclosure statement. Ye gods! A person can't do anything any more. I blame Sexual Harassment Panda. Anyway...
At this point I'm not receiving any money for this blog. Maybe one day Adsense will realise I have some written content and some poor sap will be suckered into clicking on the linkies  I will derive a small pittance from people clicking on advertising which might pay for the odd certificate here or there, but in the meantime I'm doing it for the love of it. I am not an official blogger for any genealogy event (or official anything, for that matter) nor do I derive my income from anything genealogical. I do teach at a school and once a year inflict basic family history on my year 9s for about three weeks, but that is purely for their own good because it's part of our school's curriculum and is no more for my financial benefit than any other unit I am required to deliver.
All products, blogs, companies etc. I mention are referred to because either they did something I like, or more likely that I wanted to hang shit on them about something, 'cause I'm a gen-Xer and that's how us cynical bastards roll.
I feel dirty even having to post something so legal-ese. It makes me feel like next I'll be producing nuclear power in small-town America.
* I suppose in the spirit of full disclosure I should mention two members of my family married members of Ms. Lonetester's family but this in no way contributes to the likelihood of me referencing her blog.

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