Monday, 15 July 2013

Too Busy for this Shit

Now thankfully I've never been subjected to this in the genealogy community (yet), but I work with young people so I'm often in conversations where people much older than me launch into a tirade on "Young People Today" that pretty much quotes verbatim from Aristotle. Consequently it shits me to tears when people from previous generations don't recognise the very poor examples they often provide in the netiquette department.

Case in point: just two days ago I received the following message from someone in her 60s via Ancestry:
I saw that you are looking into the Faulkner family so am i. I was wondering weather your person is related to mine, my grandfather was Edward Faulkner he lived in Liverpool in England.
Um... I have one Faulkner in my tree. One. An Australian. From Australia. Who married a relative of mine. In Australia. Is she related to your Liverpudlian grandfather? I have no fucking idea.
To follow it up, today I got this little gem:
Have you any details of when he arrived in Adeaide in 1849 please.
Also what did his Orbituary say.
Also have you any details of where his wife Sarah Donougho was born in Ireland and when her father brought the family out to Australia.
Many thanks,
Umm, da fuq?  Why don't you ask me to cite your sources, file your certificates and wash your bloody dishes while I'm at it? Whatever happened to "Hello, I see we have a mutual interest in Sconce Firge. I'm his great-great niece. I was wondering if you had any information on his achievements in the annual Puckoon Porridge Eating Competitions between 1903 and 1942. I would be happy to share any information I have about him which may be of use to you, particularly stories of his childhood growing up next door to the Knotted String Factory."
For many years I've been sending polite and helpful replies to this kind of crap, but quite frankly I don't have enough free time in my life for this! I'm seriously deliberating between whether I should ignore them completely to just give in to the dark side and tell them to kiss my arse.

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